Covid-19 Fatalities May Continue to Lower in Florida During Cases Spike

There has been a staggering amount of people (2.2 million) tested for Covid-19 now in the state of Florida, making up for 1/10 of the entire state’s population.

With such broad information on testing results, we can now have a more clear picture of the people who are currently infected with this virus, and be able to assess the overall risks involved with this disease in our sunshine state.

Although there has certainly been a spike in cases in recent weeks (since the beginning of June), new info shows that the age with most cases of the coronavirus is 21 and the medium age currently infected is in the 30’s.

This comes as a relief, amidst the alarming news of a spike in cases since, according to CDC data, the death rate for people under the age of 35 amounts to less than 1% of total deaths.

This new information may explain why the number of deaths has not skyrocketed and has been on the decline for the last week. From July 1-July 6 there have been 172 fatalities compared to 274 from June 24-June 30 (a 37% decrease).

Florida has been able to maintain its case fatality rate at 1.8%, which is a fraction of other states have experienced, like Pennsylvania (7.1%), Massachusetts (7.4%), New York (7.6%), Michigan (8.5%), New Jersey (8.7%), and Connecticut (9.2%), according to data from June 7, 2020.

During a Fox News interview on Hannity Tuesday, Governor Ron DeSantis attributed this much lower death rate to our ability to shield our seniors and protecting them from infections at an early stage. 

“If a case occurs in someone in their 20’s, you have radically different fatality prospects than if it’s someone who’s in a long term care facility in their 80’s. So we worked hard to really shield off the folks who are the most vulnerable,” said the Governor.

In order to improve the state’s efforts to protect seniors from infections in Florida, DeSantis announced yesterday that 12 new dedicated nursing home facilities have opened up throughout the state in order to temporally house seniors who test positive with Covid-19, thereby eliminating the spread of the virus in nursing homes throughout the state.

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