Christian Doctor Claims God Revealed Cure Treatment to Covid-19

In a recent interview [WATCH BELOW] with “American Can We Talk” host Debbie Georgatos, Dr. Richard Bartlett of Midland, Texas claims that God has provided him with the “silver bullet” cure to Covid-19.

“In March, I was working a 48 hour shift in the emergency room,” Dr. Bartlett begins witnessing about the moment he believes God spoke to him about the subject. “Quite honestly, I was distraught. I’m a Christian, and so I was praying throughout that 48 hour shift. I’d see patient after patient and I was thinking: ‘God, what am I gonna do if someone comes in here with COVID and they’re dying?’ They’re gonna trust me to do the right thing for them, and I don’t have an answer . . . I was praying, I laid down for a catnap between patients. I woke up convinced that God had given me a winning strategy. And you know what? A week later I had to try it out on my first two patients. And for every patient it is working. It is what Japan has stumbled on, and what Taiwan has stumbled on: An inhaled steroid.”

Dr. Bartlett attributes the low count of fatalities in Japan and Taiwan to utilizing the same “silver bullet” answer he believes he received from God, although in a different form. “They’re using a different one than I’m using. The one I’m using I think is better: inhaled Budesonide with a nebulizer treatment. I’m also giving an antibiotic that’ll cover walking pneumonia and other pneumonia is called Clarithromycin, and I also give zinc, because that interferes with virus multiplication. But the silver bullet is inhaled steroids.”

Japan, a country with the population of 126 million (more than 1/3 of the US population) has only experienced 981 deaths from COVID compared to more than 134,000 in the US. Taiwan, a small island with 23 million residents has only suffered from 7 total deaths from the virus.

Budesonide (sold under the brand name Pulmicort) is a drug commonly used for treating asthma in people of all ages.

Dr. Bartlett says Senator Ted Cruz’s office has reached out to him and has been provided with a paper he authored citing 51 articles from well-recognized established journalists. He says, “[Ted Cruz] is responsible for the information he has now. Now everybody knows that he has it.”

Host Debbie Georgatos asks, “Would there be a need for a vaccine, then?” “No,” Dr. Bartlett said pointedly. “Is there a need for a vaccine right now with the same pandemic in Taiwan, and Japan, and Singapore, and Iceland? Iceland has only had ten [people] die over this whole pandemic.”

The entire Case Study Report written by Dr. Bartlett is included below.

As believers in the Word of God, we are confident that God speaks through his people and provides them answer to even the most complex issues of life on earth. 

We are hopeful that Dr. Bartlett’s witness is true and that God is providing a solution to this epidemic, so that our nation is spared from any more chaos and destruction.

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